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Buying At Auction

There are three ways to bid at auction: in person, by leaving an absentee bid and bidding via phone. You can chose to use any of these methods, however we recommend you attend our viewing session beforehand to see each item before making your bids. Please note that identification, such as a driver’s licence, is required when you register to bid.

1) In person - Bidding at auction brings out the competitive spirit in most people. So if you enjoy excitement and a challenge, this is for you. It’s also an excellent way to build your knowledge from the auctioneer’s descriptions and to estimate what price items may fetch. To bid at auction, stop at the front counter on your way in and fill in a bidding form to obtain your bidding number. When it comes to bidding, our auctioneer usually guides the bid increments or may invite you to nominate your own.

2) Absentee bidding - If you are pressed for time, have other commitments or are not confident about bidding, we can bid on your behalf. You nominate your maximum bid and one of our staff members will bid for you. To ensure a fair price for you, our auctioneer is unaware of your bid limit. It’s not unusual for a winning absentee bid to be a lot lower than a client’s maximum limit. To leave an absentee bid, please ask for a form at the front counter. There is no charge for this service.

3) Phone bidding - This offers you the freedom to be away from the auction rooms, yet judge the unfolding competition for each item and bid accordingly. We will phone you just before each item comes up and will keep you informed of the bidding as it happens. To bid by phone, please ask for a form at the front counter. There is no charge for this service.